You find yourself rising into the air, leaving the beach and the forest behind. The view broaden into a stunning panorama of rugged mountains, their peaks jagged against the sky, standing guard over deep valleys lush with greenery. From up here you see that you were on an island, of stunning natural beauty. Waterfalls cascade down rock faces, their spray catching the light to form fleeting rainbows. Elsewhere you see animals roaming: herds moving across open fields, exotic birds tracing patterns in the sky.

You start to feel rain around you, a light drizzle that cleanses the air and make you feel fresh and reborn.

Flight is exhilarating for some time. The freedom, the vastness, the sheer beauty has been intoxicating. But this too passes, and a heaviness falls over it all.

The vividness now feels overwhelming. The details now seem excessive. A longing for something simpler, more grounded, begins to grow in you. You start to crave the familiar, the ordinariness and certainty of the waking world. You start to think about how you might wake up.